What can i ask lanldord to fix

ive never rented before…

when i moved in it was very basic, so ive painted and made it more homely.

ive had to buy a cooker as the one provided didnt really work. (i did hope landlord would provide,) . but ive been told by the shops electicians they cant install as there is issues with the electric/fuse box…so still unable to cook. still waiting to hear if landlord will find an electrician.

also theres an old outside security light…its just stopped working, ive tried to fit a bulb but its so rusted …do i ask for landlord to help. ???

ive always been used to doing things myself having my own house…



You can ask for whatever you want, some things a landlord definitely needs to fix, some it would be optional.

For the cooker if it was included in tenancy and didn’t work landlord should have fixed or replaced it. If you have chosen to replace it just because you didn’t think it was good enough then you would be responsible for the cost.

For the installation if the electrician is saying there is a general electrical issue then landlord needs to fix this, however the installation of cookers bought online is only for simple installs and some need a separate electrician. Also the cooker bought may not be compatible with existing electrics. If you have voluntary replaced to cooker you would be liable for this cost and need the landlords consent for any work carried out.

different cookers need different size of cable back to the meter You need to find out the cable size to the cooker point e g 6mm or 10mm cable .Its easy to buy acooker that is too "powerfull " for the cable to handle

My electricians has separated cables for oven and
hob when I replaced new kitchen. I know he
mentioned different sizes of cables etc

I have a very good electrician who has been
doing all electric work with my properties.

If there is a definite issue with the condition of the current wiring or the fusebox, it would be in your landlord’s interest to sort this out. However, they may refuse if it has been working fine up till now and met regulations at the time of installation. This will change next year from 1st April when EICR certification becomes mandatory for all rented property in England.

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Nilesh is correct. The current cooker should be on a high powered circuit if its electric. If not and/or there are other problems with the fusebox as you suggest, you should report this to the landlord as an urgent matter asap. When did the tenancy begin? If it was after 1 July this year then it was illegal to rent without having a fixed electrical installation inspection. Did your landlord give you a copy? If not then you should remind them that this is a legal requirement.