Kitchen Appliances for tenant

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Do landlord need to provide a gas cooker or electric cooker for kitchen or is it better to let the tenant purchase there own ?

Providing the cooker means you have a greater right to ensure it’s in good condition, as it’s your property. Considering that a faulty cooker can burn your property down I would imagine that peace of mind is worth it even if it’s not required.

I never supply white goods. If they are abused you have to replace them . A tenant is more likely to look after what they supply Your supplying means you have to test every year that they are safe

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Thanks alot I will let them buy themselves. so they can look after it themselves

also no chance of if someone moves out without notice, you find they have taken your property

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It depends on your market. Young urban professional singles/couples and sharers tend to prefer fully furnished in my experience. A family let might be different.

Thx I agree , its going to be a family Let

Mine are mainly family lets and I would always supply a cooker or a hob and an oven, because it’s something they can’t really live without, although I don’t think there is a legal requirement to.

In my mind, supplying a property we just a space for a cooker is like supplying them with a bathroom with a space for them to put their own bath in.

If they have an existing cooker, it may not fit the space, or have the right power connection and I don’t want them installing their own unsafely.

I think it is more usual to supply a cooker than not.
I did a quick survey of listings near me on Rightmove, and I didn’t find one without a cooker.

I guess it depends on how competitive the market is around your area - if I were a tenant round here, I think I would be wary of a landlord not providing a cooker when it seems to be the norm to provide one, so one without might take longer to let.

Hi. thanks for you message. I was I. 2 mods as to whether to install one or not

I provide them but but my longest tenant wanted to bring their own so that was fine too. These things are cheap enough so no big deal. Ask them to pat test each year if they bring their own just be on safe side. As its not provided by you its down to them.

1 often tenants can hire white goods packs
2 never provide a washing machine if u can help it
3 fitted units you have to support
4 never fit a gas cooker where electric is available
5 i often supply an electric cooker for goodwill. You dont need an electrician to wire them in

Great advise thank you