Gas meter positioning in kitchen


So I’m in the process of renting out a house and educating myself on everything that needs doing (legal requirements / landlord insurance etc), and I had a question. The gas meter shut off valve is on the top shelf, inside a kitchen unit. Unless you’re tall (6 foot+), you’ll need a step-ladder/chair in order to reach the valve. In the event of a gas leak, the last thing I want is the tenant to attempt to switch off the meter, fall off whatever they’re standing on and end up injuring themselves. So in short, what’s the best course of action to take to avoid such a situation? Is there a clause I should put in the tenancy agreement to protect myself?


Hi @Flaming,

This isn’t an area I’m an expert on, but one would think that it would be no different from the risks faced when changing a lightbulb? And you wouldn’t worry about being particular exposed to risk on that front I imagine…

Perhaps you could provide a small, stable stepladder and instructions on how to safely operate the valve?


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