Gas Safe Failed! Carbon Monoxide Void Monitor System?

Hello everyone, I have a first floor flat where the gas boiler flue runs through a void up through/past the floor above and out through a chimney. There are no real inspection hatches to speak of, and having some installed isn’t really an option. An electric boiler installation is unpalatable, and I can’t relocate the boiler to an outside wall it’s a listed property.

I wanted to know if anyone could recommend a Carbon Monoxide monitoring system that shuts off the boiler and gas supply in the event of a CO leak being detected in the void where the flue is situated? The Gas Safe website indicates that this would be an acceptable alternative to hatches, and BAXI produced a system until 2017 however it’s now discontinued. Any help on the matter would be much appreciated as this thing is costing me a fortune!

Thanks in advance,


If its going through a ceiling and into a (lined) flue thats unusual.
Maybe speak to a couple of technicians on the gassafe register for opinions.
Do get a portable CO detector for £25 and put it in its holder screwed in close to the boiler.
If you have a landlords cert then you are covered legally.
I cant see a way of creating an auto shutdown where you tap into the boiler itself, however you would be able to cut the mains supply circuit if a CO detector is activated without affecting your certificate as its all separate. I am a chartered engineer and am fully familiar with control instrumentation but in your case i wouldnt go there. Just get your certificate and portable CO Alarm and test it six monthly