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I am a new landlord… I found a potential tenant. I am going to let Openrent do the tenancy checks for me. However, my questions are: 1) Can I ask the candidate to provide identity and other docs before proceeding with reference check?. 2) Can I hold those docs in my laptop. My BTL ltd company is registered with OIC.

  1. You should issue prospective tenants with a privacy statement before requesting their personal data.

  2. You can store a prospective tenants data on your personal computer if you take adequate precautions to protect that data.

I could be more specific but feel you should have taken the time to read the information on the ICO website when you signed up. Additionally, I would recommend do some landlord training courses provided by the NRLA.

Thanks Chris. Can I ask them to provide their personal details through openrent? Or contact through email? What is the best practice? I will look into NRLA courses.

If you are thinking that providjng a copy of their ID will satisfy a right to rent check, then you should know that it may not. If they are a foreign national, they must now give you a share code to look up on the Home Office website.

Yeah, thanks. I am going to use Openrent referencing service

The referencing processing doesnt include a formal right to rent check.

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