Storage of white goods

Hi, I wonder if you can help. I’ve recently moved into a property where there is a fridge freezer and washing machine owned by the landlord. I have my own fridge and washing machine. So I sold my fridge freezer as it’s 6-7 years old. However, my washing machine is in a better condition and still on warranty. In also only bought it in May of last year. I have asked if he can remove the washing machine but he is saying he is unable to. I can swap out the washing machine but have to provide a working one when I leave the property. Is that correct? By the way I have not received an inventory of items. Tbf he has been really pleasant about other things but this is a sticking point

Ask landlord if he is happy for you to replace his washing machine with yours providing you leave yours when you leave. Dont just do it.

It is reasonable of landlord to expect a washing machine left behind which is at least as good as the one he provided.

However, does your rent include the maintenance of the washing machine? Something to consider.

Problem is you have already moved in and now you raise the problem, hence he is unwilling to cooperate.


Generally, unfurnished rental properties come with (washing machines and fridge/freezers) their own white goods which I imagine would have been listed in the advert. I think that most landlords would refuse your request.