Giving tenants keys early - A risk?

I’m meeting my tenants 11 days before the contract officially starts to let them measure up etc.
They’ve asked if they could have the keys at this date, not to move in, but to have some furniture delivered.
This would suit me as I then don’t have to go back to the property at a later date. I trust that they seem like great, honest people - but am I opening up myself to a risk of squatting?
(Could they essentially move in, and then cancel on OpenRent and get their rent and deposit back?)
Many thanks

DO not do it. Do not do it

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Thanks, I won’t! Realised it was risky, however much you trust someone.

Hi Natalie,
I am delighted to be part of this amazing space provided by Open Rent for Landlords!

I have have so far given the keys before the start date of the Tenancy to 3 tenants and two have moved in now and no problems at all. The 3rd will officially move in on the 1st September. This is based on properties fairly local to my home and only after they have paid their deposit and first months rent to Open Rent! I never even thought they could cancel and request deposit and request money back from Open Rent once the AST contact is signed and legally binding?
Like everything in life there are risks , I go by my gut instincts plus the rules in place to protect me, I am rarely wrong!
Good luck everyone!

Alice ( Yorkshire)