Grounds maintenance

Hi, apologies to trouble all you landlords out there. I’m just wondering if you’d be interested in a little business deal.

You see I’m trying to start up my own grass cutting business but finding it a little hard.

What I offer is the grass to be cut and strimmed and weeds killed on any gravel or patio area for £10 a garden or £15 an hour depending on size of garden.

I could visit your properties once every 2weeks to maintain the gardens for yourself and the tenants currently occupied. In allowing for myself to do this it guarantees you peace of mind that the gardens are maintained to a high standard. I would also consider a removal of household waste at another £10 charge rate for every trip to the skip.

I hope to hear your thoughts on this idea

Kind regards

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Kenny: someone may be interested if you tell them the area / suburbs that you are willing to cover, remembering your travel and time costs.

However, landlords tend to leave grass cutting to tenants, so are unlikely to take up your offer, but tenants also watch this space, so do tell us what areas you are willing to cover.

Thanks john. Willing to cover anywhere in fife. Local area is Glenrothes. I charge £10 a garden if it takes less than an hour to do then £15 an hour after. Doing void houses is a good idea it make the house look occupied. £30 for an initial visit if garden is in a mess

hop you succeed Kenny I do like to hear of people starting their own little businee as I did 50 years ago as a joiner

Good luck! You could also leaflet drop/share on your local Facebook page.

I’m a tenant & do my own gardening/hedge trimming but a house across the way from us is organised via the landlord.