Handyman/woman services?

I’d like to hire someone (in South East London) who can look after our rental properties. I’d like someone like a handyman who can fix a leaking tap, check on other issues Vs an estate agent who will just contact a plumber, electrician etc on my behalf. Do you know if a service like thai exists?

That might work if you are still managing the legal/regulatory aspects of the tenancy and other types of communication. I can’t see many handymen being well versed in landlord and tenancy law.

I would not like to be the “handyman” who goes just to tenants . he /she will get a lot of ear ache

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Yes, I manage all other aspects of the tenancy and I’m regularly in contact with my tenants. So far over 10 years I’ve only had happy tenants.

I would suggest to find good recommended trade people. If there is anything wrong your tenant can contact you and you can authorise the work.

I manage my properties and now how I have good team of people plumbers, electrician and builders.
It took a years before I found good people and I can rely on their work and always use them.

Hi, just saw your message. I am working for One51agent, Brown&Green, Branching out, Bupa dental care Penge and others doing Maintenance work for their properties around Crystal Palace, Beckenham and Dulwich areas. If you need any help on changing taps, lights or doors please feel free to contact. I can help you with Plumbing works and electrician certificates as well.
By the way we are now lookin for a one bedroom flat, just in case you could have any available. Thanks
Please find below my details.

Handy Josu