Has landlord agreed to end tenancy and return rent?

I’ve been paying £1000pcm 6 months in advance since 02/08/21 I renewed on the AST once then from 02/02/22 have been on a statutory periodic tenancy. I have asked my landlord to leave giving 1 months notice and returning 4 months rent, and he has returned the rent and replied…
“We have no problems with you serving a one month notice and vacating the flat on 1st October 2023.”
I have sent them a letter…
“I am giving one months notice to end my tenancy as you have agreed in email & as required by law. I will be leaving the property on 1st October '23”.

I have noticed the flat has not been advertised and the letting agent implied I hadn’t given notice. Now alarm bells are ringing on something I read years ago but can’t find again where a LL said something similar, implying the tenancy was ending, then repaid the rent and this led the tenant to leave the tennancy early; the LL then sued for the ‘accidental’ return of rent and they lost their money. I’m aware rent is not repayable by default and I don’t think this is any different in my original AST.

With his response did the LL offer to end my tenancy and return my funds officially in law? I asked him to clarify and received no response.

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I believe once rent has been paid it doesn’t have to be returned but the landlord can’t get another tenant without returning your rent ie LL can’t have two rents for the same month.
I would ring and right a letter just to check .

You have a reply from the landlord giving consent, so the Agent cant over-ride this. Just send the agent a copy of the landlords email.

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