My landlord rented my flat


I have a bit of a situation where some feedback would be good.

I have rented a flat in Sep 2020 on a 1 year lease. In Febuary 2021 I was offered a job to another city, I contacted my landlord and requested to come to an agreement to terminate the contract and he refused. I advised I will be moving out anyway and continue to pay the lease as agreed as long as he gives me a recomandation for my new landlord, he agreed.

Fast forward 5 months and I decided to return to the city where I rented the flat to visit some friends, I contacted the landlord to ask for my key back as I am still under contract and haven’t breached the lease, meaning I’ve been making my payments as agreed. The landlord advised me that he rented out my flat but would be happy to sort out another one for my stay.

Now I am wondering, this entire situation seems a bit messed up, I am paying rent, utilities and council tax for a flat that someone else is living in what would be a fair resolution to this. I haven’t yet brought it up with my landlord as I expect it will cause a bit argument, just looking for some feedback on what other people think about this situation and how I should best deal with it.

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Landlords can’t charge 2 sets of rent. After you move to you are only responsible for any losses to ll. You are entitled to ask them for a return of any rent you have paid since the new tenants moved in,


What he has done is illegal.
He has essentlialy illegally evicted you
You can take legal action against him
In the first instance call the council ( they have a tenant liasion officer) or the police

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the landlord has stitched himself up

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Before anything id go to your old flat and speak to the tenant to find out his exact move/contract date and he may even let you take a copy of his tenancy agreement (I know I would give you a copy if I was in that situation with my tenancy) but as others have said it’s illegal and you should have all your rent refunded hence why it will be important to try get the current tenants move in day. GL

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As above this is illegal eviction. I would ask the tenant there when he moved in and then send the landlord a letter before action demanding all the rent back.