Perspectives on private renting

Good Evening,

Just after different perspectives from either tenants or landlords please.

My situation is I’m currently out of work & in receipt of Universal Credit/Carers Allowance which in turn would enable full housing benefit.

I’m a full time carer to my grandparent & child who has special needs, it’s not a case of not wanting to work etc (I actually miss it) I’m just curious how willing potential landlords would be to take on a tenancy like this.

Thank you in advance for any responses.

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It doesn’t really matter whether you get responses that are positive or negative here because the LLs who count are the ones who receive your application. Personally, I’d consider your application as valid as someone working full time. Wouldn’t bother me at all. But that doesn’t help you in the slightest.

Might be better to ask for advice as to what would give you the best chance of having your application considered seriously by potential LLs.

Does your grandparent live with you?