Renting with support from council and universal credit

Bit of a backstory: Recently been made homeless and went to council for help. I work full time but can’t afford to rent private on my wages alone.
Council told me there’s a 5 yr waiting list and encouraged me to seek private rented accommodation and apply for UC.
I thought, ok great! I’ll have more choice and have somewhere to finally call home for me and my child asap.
Not as easy as I naively thought, lots of refusal from LL’s and agents (understandably so after reading people’s experiences).

Fast forward to now - I’ve found somewhere that I really love and LL accepts benefits. Viewed it yesterday. I’d be absolutely devastated if I missed out on this flat. Waiting around for the council to give me the go ahead on pursuing property has got me so anxious. I want to put down a holding deposit so the LL knows I’m serious but then don’t want to lose it if council for whatever reason don’t approve of the property. Should I take that risk?

I just wanted to know if anyone has been in a similar scenario to me, and how quick the process was from getting the approval and advance deposit from council to actually moving in?

Am looking for a flat with cheep rent am on uc

I don’t know about time scales but from what you have said about being homeless with a child and the difficulty getting accepted, plus you have already approached the council so it’s on record, I’d take the risk. You need a home.

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