Help I am a pensioner looking to return to Manchester to be near my family but have no one to act as guarantor,I have money for a deposit and 1 months rent. I would love to return to the moston, Salford areas

I am a pensioner wanting to move back to the M405jj area or within 3 miles.but I have no one to act as guarantor.I have deposit and months rent,I receive benefits and my rent money would be covered. I am looking for a 1bedroom property with no stairs and a walk in shower.Is there anyone that can help me.


I hope someone responds here.

Try House ladder if you haven’t all ready. You can filter properties on there by area and whether they accept benefits

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Sending you hugs.

Happy weekend, Mina.

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Same to you Victoria,tomorrow is another day.Are you doing anything special?

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It’s big just about deposit and rent for the first month
It’s after you need to provide proof of earnings
Supporting with last 6 months bank statements.

Keep it in file and provide these to landlord or agency.

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