Help Needed with a property


I need some advice so im suppose to be moving into an apartment in my local area but the issue is im the bottom apartment and there is a garden located at the rear. Now i have a 2 year old little girl with me and the above apartment doesnt have a garden im just confused as to whether its a shared garden.

I dont really fancy someone just randomly coming into the garden when my little girl is outside playing.

Wondered if anyone has been through this situation before + Plus the landlord doesnt know either, as hes just bought it from another person and the morgage has just gone through.

The Landlord has the say unless he does not own the other appartment . Somewhere it will be in the deeds. He should know


Thanks for the respnse @Colin3

He only owns the apartment ill be moving into this is where were confused x

But the apartment with the garden is my apartment soo im confused haha

It could well be communal .Way back in the deeds Or sometimes a flat has the front garden and the other flat the rear garden . Only the landlord will know ,as this would have been important when he bought the place

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Yeah there is only one Garden non at the front just the rear hopefully we dont have a tennent that gives us grief or does drugs // Alcoholic etc because i dont like my daughter around that sort of stuff if this makes sense.

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Not only this there isnt a communal way to the garden hed need to go all around the apartment and then go via the back gate Normally if its communal youd have a communal entrance?

Thats awkward. I have places where all can go out to the rear

@Colin3 I know the landlord ive got is a very decent guy but im all against Alcoholics and druggies ive lived on one of the roughest estates in Manchester for 14 years but ideally wouldnt raise my child on this… Ive made my daughter and partner live down south so they dont need to go through this stuff that i am…

Just want a decent place to live and it seems like No luck is going my way atm

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Its just hard all of this not gunna lie :frowning:

It might not be what you want to hear, but what Colin3 says is right. The landlord needs to check the deeds, nobody else will be able to answer your concerns.

Colin is right.
But while you are waiting, if it’s a block, does it have a managing agent? Sometimes there is a small name plaque outside saying who they are, if so ask them. Or knock on the door of one of the other apartments and ask. But obviously it would still be best to get the landlord to give the answer.

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Its not a block its simply 2 apartments.

The above is a Carer // Nurse for dementia patiants and the below with the garden is me. I had a few plans which im unsure of now if its communal because i dont wanna step on any toes. but normally communial gardens have a communal area to get into ie ie a corridore of some sort.

This one doesnt unless hes allowed to walk in and out of my apartment. hed need to walk behind the back of the apartment to the gate at the back

cheers for responses :slight_smile: hoping you all are staying safe

do you mean you can get to the garden thru your flat without going around to the rear?

I can go through my apartment to the back garden. but if he was to go into it. hed need to walk around the back of the apartment


I Can Yes.

But he cant if that makes sense if he was to do it hed need to go around the rear of the apartment

then it was intended to be the garden to your flat, or else it would have been designed in a different way

I suppose but then what would the other tennent do etc?

You cannot worry about that… Have you seen him there ?

Yes When we visited the house just to check the area he was in the garden the old landlord said hes been Maintaining it and looking after it which makes me worry.