High street agent fees

I am self-managing, but just wondered what percentage of a rental income high street agents charge.

Any experiences?

Thank you.

8 to 15%. Average around 12% for fully managed. Lower amount for less of a service. Usually different levels offered.

Have a look on a few websites of agents local to you. They are required to publish their fees, although they don’t always make it easy to find!

I think you might be a bit out of date with 12%! This is the fees from a local branch of Leaders … https://www.leaders.co.uk/sites/leaders.co.uk/files/pdf/fees/Leaders%20North%20Landlord%20Fee%20Sheet%2002_0922_17.pdf

They want 18% +£13.20 per month and £150 for renewals, £150 for inventory, £150 for checkout.

… Another one local to me… 19.2%!

Certainly does look like prices have gone up especially with the nationals. Just looking at small independents and have seen a few at 12% still. I suspect part of country effects rate somewhat.

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I’m in Derby, so not one of the most expensive areas of the country!

Imagine paying nearly 20% of rent to an agent, plus the extras?! They have got to be joking!


Might need to look a little harder :slight_smile:

12% Derby https://www.belvoir.co.uk/derby-west-estate-agents/landlord-fees/

12% Derby https://www.newtonfallowell.co.uk/kegworth-estate-agents/landlords/landlord-fees/

12% Landlord fees | Robin Jones

12% https://www.northwooduk.com/nottingham-estate-agents/landlord-fees/

I would pick a small independent every time, on service alone.


Problem is, you start with a small independent and they get taken over. That’s how I ended up with Leaders before I started managing them myself.

I see an opportunity here to look after eachothers property if people are not local to their rental :wink:, It is probably only quarterly walk around and finding a tradesman when something needs fixing!


@C116 Not a bad idea that!


Wow! I just checked the agents’ websites in our area.

19.2% is the norm. They also charge one-off fees for setting the rent up too, plus fees for other tbings.

that is a good idea for a totally retired landlord


What area is it roughly?


Thats because they cannot get the money off tenants now


The South West. I would rather not reveal my county, due to posts I have previously put on this forum.

A few years ago, I was quoted as little as 7% +VAT from a high street agent, but that was for a portfolio of 18 properties. I eventually agreed terms with a non-high street agent for 6% and no VAT, although that has now risen to 7%.

I was once quoted 17% from a delusional and self-opinionated agent in Surrey for a single-family residence but got a deal of 10% full management from the best agent I ever had, although my current ones are very good.

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They usually aren’t the brightest buttons either - once had an agent tell me that the commission percentage was increasing due to inflation. Didn’t have the energy to point out that the rents going up should take care of inflation if they were doing their job.


I use a highly experience. attentive, proactive, fully certified letting/sales agent that has started out on her own 3 months ago and doing well.
Let me know if would like her details.

7% in Poole, 8% in Fareham - fully managed. No wonder rents are so high if agents are conning 20%. This is what Gov.Uk should be looking into.