Higher EPC standards (and costs) from 2025

I see new EPC standards are coming in 2025 so that a property has to be a C to be rented out, right now it is an E. All for net zero, of course. Estimates for the average of the 1.5million rented properties are that an additional cost of £4,000 will be needed to get from E to C, but for many the cost will be much higher, e.g. draughty old houses.

Penalties up to £30,000…

My understanding is that its only a proposal at the moment. Not definite. However, there are already many threads on this and other forums about it if you need more advice.

It’s only a proposal at the moment.

Even if the proposal isn’t adopted, it can easily be done by the back door, changing for criteria for the gradings. I just got E for a property that’s had new windows fitted, which got a C about 4 years ago when it had the old ones, which were in very poor condition.

I can only wish they reconsider. I wonder what will happen to the Victorian houses or those that have had loft conversion. Not exactly sure what more could be done to bring the epc to a “C”.