Timing of EPC and Expenditure

Hello LLs. Any ideas on pros and cons please.

  • We will spending a substantial sum on double glazing for an EPC D property in the coming months.
  • New EPC is due Sept 2024.
    What are the Pros and Cons as you see it of getting an EPC early before the glazing is done.
    Are there any indications in regulation of the time period in which expenditure will be required to get an exemption under the proposed EPC C regulation. ie are we spending the money too soon.
    Any additional considerations?
    Thank you

You have until dec 2028 to get a C, who knows it may be put back even further.
Prices of upvc windows will increase between now and then.
Maybe there will be government help at some point.

You only need a new epc when expired for a new tenancy, not during existing.

It doesn’t matter if you get an epc before glazing, maybe you’ll get lucky and obtain a C as standards of assessors vary massively, you’re unlikely to get an F which would be a problem as property can’t be let then.