HMO and social distancing

What is the general opinion regarding the future viability of HMO in property portfolios. Things as they are right now, and may be for some time, strangers coming together and sharing common spaces is not going to be allowed to happen.

I dont have any HMO’s in my portfolio but I was considering it prior to the outbreak.

What do othger forum members think??

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those individuals need to make their own arrangements within the property. Landlords can give guidence If the landlord has tenants in, he cannot evict them, He cannot be there to police them, they have to make their own arrangements

That would not stand up if it came to a court case.

Mark32 You have to put a lot of money and effort into HMO S never mind the risks currently. Even tho the returns are greater I would not wish to live in one

My Landlord has issued a so-called official HMO visitor policy barring overnight visitors. He’s using the excuse of Covid and high risk tenant in the house.

Surely, this is illegal and tenants have the freedom to make their own house rules.

Aren’t Covid guidelines and restrictions sufficient?

Why does he need to police tenants and go beyond Govt guidelines and restictions?

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Mark, if the landlord follows the Govt guidance and issues it to the HMO tenants then it is highly unlikely that they would be committing an offence just by owning an HMO.

it’s not uncommon for landlords to bar overnight visitors even in normal times. Whether it’s legally enforceable or moral is another question.