HMO Fire Risk Assessment Inspection no offered in open rent why?

I want my HMO (no need to licence with my council as only 2 people occupying but never the less I want a fire check after installing fire doors and mains alarms. Open rent do not offer it, it is expenses when it only takes less time than a full electrical inspection. I have been quoted by every company the same price 245 +Vat
Does anybody know a cheaper service, I am in Gloucestershire.

have you tried local fire dept.?

No, I will call them, good idea.

I have found a fire risk assessment form from the fire brigade which I can use and carry out my own evidence of the checklist showing fire doors close with video evidence and if I get that witnessed by my building and sign it, In fact if the fire brigade come out then I can add their comments to the standard fire risk assessment report related my HMO
This will confirm I have done full risk assessment.