Holding deposit not going through to Openrent

Very frustrating.

Tried making the deposit for the holding deposit twice, both times got an error that “zip code is incorrect”.

Had double checked the details incl postcode. Bank says it’s authorised from their end, money shows pending (twice!!) in my account.

Wrote to info@openrent.com as well, only response is to try a bunch of times leaving the postcode field empty, typing “BLANK” or typing in the full address, which is such a terrible answer! I cannot afford to keep trying multiple times and block close to 2000£ because the openrent chaps can’t sort this out.

Thought the whole point behind openrent was to remove hassles and make this a simple process.

Great going guys! Not only does your website not work, your customer service team shows apathy which I haven’t experienced anywhere else.

I am running out of options. Will someone from openrent bother to come up with a solution?

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