Holding deposite

how do I go about getting the tenants their deposit back

Its quite a simple process.

Just log into your DPS account https://myaccount.depositprotection.com/#login/

Click on “View these Tenancies”
Then click on “Return full deposit”

This will auto send it back to the tenant’s bank details they paid it on and send them an email to notify them.



Hi Phillip,

Where landlords are looking to return a holding deposit back to tenants, this is done by cancelling the Rent Now application on the website.

You’re able to do this right up until you sign the contract.

On the other hand, if you’re coming to the end of your tenancy (and if so, we hope it was a happy one!), @Donna2’s very helpful guidance is accurate.

As part of Rent Now, we’ll protect security deposits with the DPS, so by following the instructions above, you can return this to the tenants leaving the property.

Any questions, let me know!

Hi George

I hope you can assist me, i would like to cancel a reference application from a potential tenant who has also placed a holding deposit as it doesn’t look very promising , I have another Tennant that has already passed the reference check and would like to place a holding deposit but can’t as the 1st applicant got there first ! is there anyway of cancelling he first application and if so will it give me the option or requesting the holding deposit from the Tennant whom passed her checks , sorry for the confusing question but would be grateful for any advice , thanks Joe