House being sold

At the worst time too, thanks to govt. He appeared one day to verbally and unexpectedly tell me he has to sell. He had nothing in writing with him and never offered anything. He hasnt given an exact date though said 6 months and now seems to be drawing it forward by a month by a garbled hint about regarding his hobby. I know hes not selling but passing the house over as a private arrangement in the family, probably evading some future penalty or tax.
How can I get the 5 star ref he promised? Why didnt he give me everything in writing. Where do I go from here. Any suggestions appreciated.

He needs to serve you a valid section 21 notice in writing. Until he does that his notice isn’t valid. You are entitled to 6 months notice from when you receive a valid section 21 notice, the fact he is selling doesn’t affect your rights.

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It’s never a good time to be evicted, but really it’s none of your business why or how he is selling and it won’t help you to speculate. However, as Richard says, he has to serve you a valid notice and if he uses s21 or s8 ground 1, the notice period is 6 months.


Thank you for replies. I will see what I can do about this. I need to contact an authority. Im constantly nervous that he will appear again and say hes accelerating the situation, this is why hes has not served notice correctly.
I should ask for an open reference now.