House maintenance - emergency repairs

Hi I have a small portfolio and have buildings insurance on them all. However was wondering what other landlords do about emergency repairs/maintenance. Do you know if there is a company or service that deals with house maintenance possibly on a yearly contract so that if there is a problem say with plumbing it can be sorted asap?

I think this is a mix of statements from other Q&As on this forum is as follows, although it does seem on reading it to be by one landlord:
British gas landlords home care 4. Covers loads of stuff. Free gas safety check, but £60 if they get called out. Tenants are aware the call out charge will be passed on if the call is not emergency, I have given them a description of what warrants an emergency call out and what doesn’t. They then have to email me with what’s happened etc so I can choose if BG or another tradesperson attend. Cost is 26 ish per month and saves me having to have a managing agent. Direct line also do a similar service. They will not do anything for you if the boiler is over 10 years old except an expensive manufacturer repair only guaranteed for one year and you could organise that yourself without paying 24/7’s monthly fees. Their response times and attitude were awful, and invariably they don’t do a good job.

Thank you. Will have a look and see if it would cover the sorts of problems i have encountered.

If you want white goods insured, providing they are not older than say 10 years, D&G insurance will cover them for a small monthly fee. Details not to hand, but in my phone contacts is this number +448005978585 and +443448227227 for them.

Thanks John. Don’t usually provide white goods as my houses are unfurnished. It was more the home emergency cover which it looks like i can add when i take out the yearly insurance. thanks for contributing.