Open Rent New management services

Has anyone use newly launch Open Rent new management services?
The final points say covers for heating, plumbing, power and more………………………
Anyone know what that imply??
Does it cover for parts and labour?
We have asked Open Rent and the reply just said to read the policy document.

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Any landlord has joined this plan and whats your experience so far, any comments, please??

I thought about it, but it’s pricey, even factoring in £10/month for rent collection, it turned out cheaper just to take landlord insurance with emergency cover. Yes, you would need to call people in yourself to sort things out, but for me, the savings outweigh this.

Yes it is pricey compared to others hence why I wasn’t too confident going ahead with this service, just kept the rent collection option. In the end looked around and I ended up going with the British Gas Homecare 4 cover for the maintenance side of things which was a lot cheaper including parts and labor and had more cover including boiler service. Thus far haven’t had any problems with British Gas service. I can give my tenants my customer reference number or book the repair in from the app and any issues they can contact British Gas Homecare immediately and they will send someone out to deal with the issue.

The cover includes:

  • Boiler & Controls Cover
  • Plumbing & Draining
  • Central Heating Cover
  • Home Electrical Cover

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