IVA and a LL’s View


I’m currently trying to source a family home within the Longbridge and the surrounding areas of West Midlands while currently supporting my concerns within an IVA. (Post COVID, all utilities reminded paid prior to entering within my IVA).

I’m employed within a good salary and have been with my current landlord for the last 3 years and haven’t missed a heartbeat with regards to rent payments etc.

Do you feel as landlords an unfair automatic stigma is casted across a potential tenant as soon as an IVA mentioned? With current letting agents and even some LL’s from the open rent community it seems to be a automatic no even though the tenant is stable within he’s current financial situation at present and can provide evidence to this effect.

I would love to hear constructive views as this has been a difficult period for myself over the last few months.

Thanks I’m advance

Hi Miller,

In a market where a landlord has the pick of a tenant as is generally the case now, having an IVA will certainly push a tenant down the list. It’s the unfortunate thing of being grouped, and the reasons behind it will certainly (not initially) be taken into account.

Ask yourself, if you were choosing between 2 tenants and one had a clean sheet and the other didn’t, who would you pick? It’s purely risk assessment.

I would volunteer from the offset how long you have been on top of it etc, but you will have far more chance with a guarantor and possibly paying 6 months rent in advance.

It may unfortunately be a case of living in a less than ideal area.

Personally I would visit all estate agents in the area and try to get some rapport going and get them to understand your circumstances. If they know you you have more chance of them mentioning you favourably to landlords, rather than being just a name on a system.


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