How can I know the landlord is legitimate?

Hi, I want to see a property today to rent but I don’t know if the open rent is a secure way. Maybe someone can help me? I want to know how can I do to corroborate if the landlord is really the landlord of that property ? To avoid scams . Thanks

search the land registry for that address, costs £2, just google it, you can find the legal owner of the property. it is always a good idea to do this.

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Ask for evidence, such as a copy of the property insurance policy.

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I have had a couple of issues. OpenRent have been great and emailed me when I have booked viewings and they have found out landlord/property is a scam. After viewing if you are interested, ask for evidence. I appreciate landlords need to protect themselves against deceitful and unreliable potential tenants, we also as potential tenants need to protect ourselves. Works both ways to build up a long term trust between tenant and landlord.

Do everything to protect yourself, no question is a pointless one if it means something to you.

I’m new here
And wanted to know which areas are good to rent ?
It’s been weeks trying to find a place. And once I find a place I get a comment that the area isn’t so safe or good to stay in.

It’s £3 (not £2) for a land registry search, but it will only tell you who (or what if it’s a company} owns the property. That won’t necessarily be the same individual as the landlord, and that’s perfectly legal.