Are landlords on here checked?

Are all tge private landlords on here checked, to see their identity as i notice that each time i look at a landlords profile it says email and phone verified, but that doesnt sound very reassuring?

Because any of them could be scammers, pretending to be the landlord and im just hoping that openrent go through a number of security checks, like asking them to submit their passport and anything else, to prove their identity to ensure no scammers can get on here?

If not then openrent u really need to do better security checks, other just email and phone verified as its easy to get away with it using email and phone number

Hi Julian, this is something that has been discussed a few times. You can find the most recent one, with links to others, here.


The last couple of tenants I’ve had have asked me to prove ownership of the property even when we are standing in it after I’ve let them in. I’ve shown them the Land Registry entry for the property with my name in it and my passport. Every property owner (maybe not larger landlords that operate as a business) should have these documents at home. It’s no big deal to show them and a potential tenant should be more forthcoming in providing requested financial and reference details as a consequence.


Exactly Nilesh. Plus it’s a good sign that your tenant has at least some propensity for following the rules and keeping things above board.

its worth noting that the ownership can be checked with land registry and rightmove wont list you unless they have the land reg cert showing you own it


I am a landlord, great thought maybe the same is required for tenants. Hopefully we could increase the legislation for recouping costs from tenants who don’t pay there rent and also ones which damage the properties.

We need tenants who are held accountable for there actions as we have communities who do not adhere to contract obligations. I find we have a number of individuals who feel that there obligations are secondary to enjoying there lives.


the problem is tenaants usually dont own a property otherwise they would not be tenants so cannot be checked on as easily as a landlord who has his own place and other properties. The landlord can be GOT AT more than a tenant. Hence all the moves to tax SORRY (register and regulate) landlords. Tenants are more transient generally speaking and thus harder to track down, There are “charities” out there who are only interested in keeping themselves in work, highly paid or volunteers, and dreaming up ways of letting tenants off with responsibility for their actions

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