How do I OPT OUT of Rent Now option?

I’m filling out the contract now and I DON"T want Open Rent to collection the rent. Prefer to just do direct bank transfer from tenants to me. Can anyone tell me how to opt out of Rent Now. They say it’s optional but I can’t see how to. Can anyone help?

Come on Sam. Please tell us how we can opt of the Rent Now option without unwanted consequences.

Rent Now is the bit that does the deposit/first rent collection. You then get to choose whether they collect the ongoing rent for you. I’ve never had trouble choosing for them not to collect the ongoing rent.

That’s fine if you want or need OpenRent to collect deposit/rent for you.
If you wish to manage your own deposit and/or rent collection, then life gets far more difficult and embarrassing when trying to calm your future tenants down after they have been informed by OpenRent that their application has been rejected.

Hi all, apologies for the slow reply, I’ve been away a few weeks.

Yes, rent collection is optional. When you create a new tenancy you can simply choose not to use our rent collection service. If you have an ongoing tenancy and want to stop using it (or turn it on) you can do so using these instructions: