How do I report a negligent freeholder?

For many I have been trying to get the negligent freeholder of the house that my rental flat is part of to carry out pressing maintenance works, to no avail. In particular, repairing the deteriorating masonry on the front of the house, bits of which periodically break off & fall into the small front yard.

A few weeks ago the roof of the porch fell down, & the freeholder still did nothing.

Today the front porch lintel fell down! If one of the tenants had been walking in or out at the time they would probably have been killed, so this has gone way too far!

Does anyone know who I can report the freeholder’s negligence to?

dangerous buildings can be reported to the Building inspectors dept in local council , you can see a solicitor with the others in the block. A court has the power to transfer the freehold from a negligent freeholder to a more responsible person. Keep a record or all that has happened.

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Also book a free call with the Leasehold Advisory Service

do you pay a service and repair charge?

Thanks Colin… after a long day of frustrating phone calls I finally got through to the council’s Private Sector Enforcement & Regulation Team who took down my report.

Hopefully they will take action against the Freeholder.

It’s just a small Victorian house converted into two flats, the upper flat of which the Freeholder has the Lease of.

Both their flat & mine are rented out so apart from them I am the only other Leaseholder. They own hundreds of properties in London, as far as I know.

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I went past a building a couple of years ago and noticed a huge triangle of brickwork at roof level was about to fall . As a builder I had the local inspectors number. They went out that afternoon. Awkward time of year , keep on at them

Thanks, I’ve done that :slight_smile: