How do I report a scammer posing as OpenRent?

Hi, I replied to an ad on facebook, which was obviously too good to be true.
The landlord said that OpenRent would soon send me an invoice for a “fully refundable deposit” before viewing.

The house is not in your listings for Malford Grove E18, and when I went for a walk down Malford Grove the house did not exist at all.

I am awaiting “your” invoice with interest! Once I have it, how do I go about getting this guy reported?

– Steve

Youve almost certainly been scammed Im afraid. Never reply to property adverts on facebook.

Report to Facebook……nothing to do with openrent

All I’ve lost is some time, thanks.
The police were not interested in an unsuccessful scam.
I reported it to OpenRent support, with evidence, in case they wanted to chase the scammer for impersonating them.
I also clicked the pointless “Report” buttons on Facebook.

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The advert is on Facebook. How can openrent sort this?

i have bought and sold great stuff on facebook . But you go and see it and then pay, then walk away with the goods Not a good place to rent from

Really? Do people still use Facebook?
My account got auto deleted after inactivity for who knows many years :smiley: