How exactly is Deposit held

where is deposit money held with Openrent tenancies, is it with landlord, is it with Openrent or is it with DSS.

I have just ended my tenancies - landlord is providing confusing answers sometimes saying DSS would be returning deposit, sometimes saying they would be returning deposit.

Contact number for DSS used by Openrent never works. DSS sent me email saying deposit money is sent but I have not received it yet.

On Openrent my tenancy still shows active even though I have ended it month back with landlord.

So where exactly deposit money is hold and who is responsible for returning actual money, is DSS just insuring deposit or actually holding deposit; Or is it Openrent who is holding deposit ?


Hi Pravin, thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear you’re having some issues receiving your deposit back.

Once created by the Rent Now system, an OpenRent tenancy is a private agreement between the tenants and the landlord. OpenRent deposits are held in the DPS custodial scheme and will have been transferred to the landlord’s DPS account as soon as funds cleared (typically a few days after you paid us your outstanding balance), so they are now in control of your deposit.

Usually a landlord will request deposit repayment via the DPS website, but if you’re unable to reach them or it is the landlord’s preference, you can request repayment directly from the DPS website. Please use the following link to log in:

When we first protected the deposit you will have received an email from the DPS containing the details you require; if you can’t find this email you can use the link labelled “Forgotten your repayment ID?” to retrieve the details you need.

For further information please see the DPS website help:

There is no need to ‘end’ a tenancy on OpenRent. Your tenancies will remain on your account for your own records.

We hope the information above helps. Do let us know if we can advise further at