How safe is a key safe?

Hi all, I’m overseas at the moment and will be when new tenants replace current ones later this month.

I have the usual army of tradespeople coming in between now and then, and wondered if I could have a key safe attached to the inside of the open porch for their use and for outgoing tenants to leave keys and new ones to pick them up. My handyman is happy to install one.

Have any of you tried this? I’ve noticed key safes are very common with Airbnb properties so presumably it doesn’t invalidate insurance. (Some Airbnbs even have codes on the doors to allow entry, but I’d probably need a new door for that). But there is obviously a security issue with various people having the code to enter a furnished flat and being able to access the place, or just forgetting to scramble the digits when they replace the key.

I have left a key with a friend who lives half an hour away but would rather not ask him.

What do you all think?

We had one outside the front of a terraced property in a bit of a dodgy area up North.

It was quickly ripped from the wall and we then had to replace the locks via a locksmith which was expensive.

Have one at our home round the back and that has been fine so think the area plays a part but it only takes one chancer.

Personally, I would prefer to be able to change the code after someone has finished any work or between residents.

I live in the city centre of Leeds and there’s loads here. Inside apartment blocks and even outside on walls etc. My neighbour has one and that’s never been damaged/stolen but we also have CCTV here.

I’d suggest hiding it in the garden somewhere or installing CCTV? Even one that isn’t connected can act as a deterrent to criminals.

Thanks Mr_T.

I’d definitely be looking to get a resettable one. The risk then is someone resets it and forgets the new code!

Mine would be inside a porch at the end of a walkway so the mock CCTV camera or a Ring device is a great idea Caitlin.