London Key Holder recommendation?

Good morning

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for a key holder service or individual in London?

I am also curious to know what other remote landlords suggest by way of emergencies for example if there is a plumbing leak or something like this when the tenants are away, how do you provide access to the property for emergency repairs?

Many thanks in advance


I use a key safe outside the property (hidden but attached to garden wall or something) whenever that a contractor needs access to the property for essential maintenance, and in the rare event that the tenant isn’t around (obviously with the tenant’s permission), and I also use tradespeople that I know and trust. This probably won’t work for flats though as you’d need permission from freeholder to install the keysafe onto the external of the building.

Thanks for the message Mita, yes and the added complication is that the freeholder is the local authority, but I will ask them if it is possible. Thanks again

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