How to give tradies keys for access with Openrent?

Hi - we’re thinking of using OpenRent to let out a flat which is a couple of hours drive away from our home.

Usually a high street letting agent keeps a set of keys so that tradies can access the property for maintenance if the tenants are out.

How does this work with OpenRent, if the landlord is too far away to hand over keys and there are no reliable neighbours etc. to leave a set with?


Hi Scrubnib, Sure, happy to help with this Q.

I’ve come across several OpenRent landlords on the Community who use us while living remotely or even abroad. Hopefully one of them will share their experiences here!

A great solution is using a key holding service or installing a keysafe at the property. This is a simple, discreet keycode safe that can be cheaply and securely installed at the property. The code can be given to the tradespeople and returned after. The code can then be changed to make sure the keysafe remains secure.

Most towns will have local keyholding service providers, too, if you feel more secure with that.

It’s also worth noting that most tenants are very accommodating about repairs and encourage the prompt attendance of tradespeople where repairs need to be made. The majority of the time they will be cooperative about how to make sure the tradesperson can attend, be it by staying home, leaving the key with a neighbour or liaising directly with the tradesperson.

I hope that helps,