How to arrange tenancy ending early if they find replacement tenant

Hi again,

My tenants have asked me if I would be flexible with the 3-month notice period to end the tenancy earlier. They also offered to help me finding a new tenant and even make the viewings.

I wonder if it is a good idea to advert my flat if I do not have an end-of-tenancy date. For instance, should I find a tenant before they find a suitable place to move, I would be unable to set up a new tenancy agreement (I am unsure if this would be legal at all) because I cannot ask the tenants to leave without this 3-month notice.

OpenRent recommends to agree that the tenants are responsible for the rent until a new tenant is found. How do I arrange this to make sure I do not put myself in the situation explained above?
Should I just ask them for a 3-month notice with a clause that they will leave earlier if a new tenant is found?

Any advice?


Tenants aren’t impacted by the covid notice period so the notice required would depend if your AST has a break clause and what it says. The notice a LL needs to give is now 6 months.

I wouldn’t advertise without a definite date it will be available for a new tenant. 3 months would take you into xmas period which isn’t ideal so better for you to keep feb. It is better to have a happy tenant though so assuming there is no break clause I would ask them to confirm in writing they will leave when new tenant is found and ready to move. If you want there assistance in finding a tenant you need to be very clear to them what your criteria are as funding the right tenant is essential.