How soon to advertise rental property

Hello - our current tenants have given their notice and I was wondering how soon we should advertise the property (London) - is 6-8 weeks before the contract ends too far ahead?


Hi Fiona,

It’s entirely up to you when you decide to start advertising. Many landlords will chose to advertise in advance, given how when listing with us you can stipulate the earliest move-in date.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that most OpenRent users are looking for an immediate move-in (within 4 weeks), so we’d expect an increase in enquiries nearer to the property becoming available.

Where you decide to advertise two months in advance for instance, it’s best to make it explicit in the description that the property isn’t immediately available. This will ensure a steady stream of suitable enquiries are coming your way.

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I have just had a 2 day turn around … my previous tenant extremely accommodating to allow viewings,and more importantly she left the flat in excellent decorative order and clean .
It really helped, and only empty for 2 days …so if you have a good relationship with your tenant I would say get it marketed asap … my agent just added a availability date on the online description … hope you find good tenants soon .