How to calculate deduction for damages

Hello need some advice as a first time landlord. There are several issues with the flat since the tenants have vacated which i think i should be able to deduct from the deposit. The problem is knowing how much. For example, i have a king sized ottoman bed and the headboard is missing one of the buttons. This is super annoying as its very obvious and the bed cost me over 800£. I tried to check if Next have spare parts but they dont so am at a loss of what to suggest. They have also allowed condensation to build up which has caused the wooden window frames to begin to rot. And finally there are some water marks on the mantle which i am not sure if they can be removed with special cleaning. Any advice most gratefully received. Thank you.

Just answering one point: Condensation shouldn’t cause wooden window frames to rot if they have been correctly primed and painted. Maybe it might over the course of 10-20 years but not during a typical tenancy. So I think this would be a difficult one to pin on the tenants.

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If the deposit scheme had to decide on what to award you, you would be unlikely to get much, (if anything) for cosmetic damage, (eg the button). If the mantle can be cleaned/repaired, then you can deduct the cost of this. I would agree with @AB2023 about the windows. It goes without saying of course that you need very good evidence of the before and after condition.

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I do have photos of before and after so thats not an issue to show the state of the windows before and after. Perhaps with a good clean, the mould can be removed. The issue is also that the tenants want their deposit released asap and i am not comfortable to do this until everything is sorted. I dont think this is unreasonable.

Did the tenant sign the photos, and preferably an inventory with a detailed description of the condition of the property? If not, you may still struggle.

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