How to contact the Landlord team urgently


My property has been removed from Openrent and I had 12 viewing booked in, and because Openrent have removed the property all the tenants who was viewing have been contacted and told the property is no longer available.

I have been trying to get a response from the Landlord team for 4 days now and the response I am getting back is very blunt and not addressing the issue I have that is clearly in the email.

I have paid £49 to use the rent now process and the property has been removed and all my booked viewings cancelled and now although I can see all the messages I can not see who was booked in and who wasn’t as all viewings have now been removed.

I have been asking openrent can they please get the property back online for me as they removed it but I am getting no where as my email is just getting dismissed.

The advert was only 3 weeks old so this shouldn’t of been removed, I am at the stage now where I need to complain to openrent regarding this.

Please could someone get back to me and let me know how I can speak to a senior manager from openrent as the system is great when everything goes right but when things go wrong it is a nightmare to get the help you need.

Please could someone get back to me as I would like to speak to a senior manager.

Did a prospective tenant place a holding deposit and/or trigger Rent Now ?

No the property has been removed so I am not able to book any viewings or direct any tenants to hit the rent now button.

I am not sure then . Seems odd.

Can you try ringing them or sending a direct message to one of the team ?

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Hi, yes I’ve been ringing them but you can not speak direct to the landlord team you just get put through to the admin team who send them a message.

The customer service is awful from the landlord team as they are so blunt in answering any questions and fail to explain anything,

All they have to do is look as my listing and see it has been delisted and put it back on again.

Honestly terrible service for landlords when things go wrong.

Openrent are great when everything runs as it should but when a landlord needs help it is so hard getting the help you need.

I also asked them for their complaints department and you have to email the team you wish to complain about !! Ridiculous

Sounds very tricky. Good luck with it.

I had a prospective viewee (they were 8th on the list of responses) place a holding deposit …I had informed all candidates that current tenant was waiting to complete on a house …I contacted viewed to get them to remove deposit…and contacted OpenRent …the landlord email response was useless …so rejected deposit, messaged viewee to explain why myself as OpenRent message said they would remove my listing…never had an issue before like this…another viewee messages me to say they had been asked to put a holding deposit on…no one had viewed yet…what is going on…as you say brilliant service 99% of the time …frustrating when you cannot get hold of a human to unknit anything though…hopefully your situation is rectified quickly and you get a lovely tenant at the end of it all :blush:

Hi Alison

Thank you for your message, yes honestly it’s a great service when all runs smoothly but horrendous when things go wrong as I don’t think the landlord team understand the system themselves so your just left to figure it out yourself. I find you ask them a question and they never seem to answer it correctly and they are very blunt in their response.

In extreme circumstances they say they will call you, I have sent them 8 emails requesting a call back since last week and not once have a received a call.

When I called the admin team who mainly just pass on messages for landlords to the landlord team, they told me more and more landlords are getting frustrated with not being able to get issues resolved.

I have been waiting to resolve my issue for 5 days now and this is still not resolved and Openrent still after 8 emails have not called me back once.

I do think openrent will need to do something about this soon as their ratings will start to fall when even more landlords need help and experience this.

Thank you also for your kind words.

My name is also Stephen and I had the same problem. The number of viewing requests exceeded 100 so Open Rent closed down the advert before I had chance to hold the first viewing.
Absolutely ridiculous policy.
Fortunately I was able to contact those who had booked a viewing to let them know that the property was still in fact available.
Does anyone know of an alternative to Open Rent as they wont do anything to resolve this issue?

Hi Stephen45

I have never know anything like it!! I was away for 3 days when my property was removed and spent most of the 3 days contacting the potential applicants to let them know that their viewing was still on as I had 12 viewing lined up.

Some of them didn’t want to view after they received the message from openrent as I think they was suspicious as they had received a message from Openrent to say it had gone.

I also requested a call from openrent the landlord team as they will call you (or should I say they should call you) in extreme circumstances they say but after 10 times now of requesting a call back I have still not received this.

I then decided to ask for their complaints procedure as no one was calling me back after they had replied to my email asking for a call back and guess the complaints procedure ?? You have to email the FAQs | OpenRent and the same team pick up on the complaint that you want to complain about.

Wonder what happens to that email ???!

This is usually the “rent now” being activated.

I’m a little baffled how tenants can be able to put down a deposit on the OpenRent website without the landlords approval. I have had a deposit put down early, twice out of four lettings.

It’s not a race to put down a deposit- I need to pick the tenant.

If you don’t want the holding deposit just reject it and let the tenant know to wait until you invite them to place the deposit.

Once the holding deposit is rejected it will be refunded back to the tenant,

You don’t have to go with the tenant who has placed a holding deposit, just reject it.

Ridiculous. When the market is slow I object to getting emails from them basically saying my pictures are no good or my price is too high. Then they take the ad off after 3 months, even if it has not been let. You pay again to re-advertise and instead of putting the new date, it then shows up as a 3month old advert.

If Open Rent won’t help, what are the alternatives out there?

I do really feel OpenRent need to make it more easier for Landlords to contact them.

I eventually got a call back from OpenRent after I literally begged them to call me to sort the issue out for me.

After 10 times of requesting a call back and 1 week later of emailing them everyday for a week I received a call back.

It took openrent a 2 minute phone call to resolve my issue.

Please OpenRent can you be more user friendly for Landlords who need help and please have a number for Landlords to speak to a human when things go wrong !!!

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I’ve used Spareroom to find tenants. Not as sophisticated they just advertise the property and allow potential tenants to message, but it’s been great for me.

If you republish the advert ASAP it will sort this issue, you can also send a message to everyone to apologise for the error and the property is still available.
You won’t be charged any additional money for doing this.
The same thing happened to me, i believe it is caused from people placing holding deposits too early, you should reject all holding deposits placed until you agree to rent to x person. Only accept the holding deposit from the one you wish to rent to.

Can I suggest you put in BOLD letters DO NOT PAY A HOLDING DEPOSIT UNTIL AGREED WITH MYSELF OR IT WILL BE RETURNED. Shouldn’t have to do this though but I do. I also note down the emails and numbers of all parties I am interested in. I have never had a problem with Openrent but when I asked for the rent now button to be removed off the applicants side I was told no just reject the deposit. Too late then as deposit has already been paid and they then have to wait to get it back. It seems strange I must admit as I hadn’t even met the applicant. Any questions have always been responded to quickly though. If Sam of Openrent is reading all this perhaps you can respond.

I had same problem 4 people placed deposit WITHOUT me the Landlord inviting them to do so result was ad got removed took approximately 10 phone calls to open rent before reinstalling ad very poor service from open rent the Landlord is open rent client not the tenant as Landlord pays the fee thing that they forgot that bit