How to do personal landlord tax return the right way

I appreciate some may suggest getting an account. However, I’d like to discuss how to do it yourself in this section as i am getting a few confusions myself. so hopefully it can help anyone else who is in the same situation.

so for someone who is employed and earning salary from a job while getting income from personal BTL property is saying you first register using SA1 form online and then you get a UTR on a letter and then create online account using gov gateway ID and UTR

Once i signed up i got a business tax account, is it right? is it business in terms of a LTD or business as in just that you are earning income such as a personal landlord without a ltd? i just want to ensure i did not sign up to the wrong channel

any suggestion helps! :slight_smile:

You may have applied for the wrong thing. Unless you are operating as a company, I think would need individual self assessment online. In this case the rent will count as investment income not self employment.

You have done some part right, you need a UTR (although didn’t you already have this or is this the first time you have ever paid tax in the UK?) and create the government gateway account, but then you should be doing self-assessment income tax return, not the business one. The business one is for companies.

well i am employed earning salary i guess i am paying tax and the company is deducting the tax and paying for me and this landlord income is something separate that I need to do myself. strange when i signed in using gateway id it says i got a business tax account, but i put in i am a personal landlord when i am signing up so now i am very confused. I am thinking if i am registering again?

so you should already have a UTR, every taxpayer has a UTR, so perhaps what you have done is accidentally opened up a second account which you shouldn’t do, so you need to cancel the second one and use your original UTR, perhaps what is happening is that the system knows you (as a person) already have a UTR so it will only give you a business one, because the letter U stands for Unique, each person should only have a single unique UTR

As you say, the U stands for unique, so the no one can have two! If you register twice (eg you don’t have to do a tax return for a few years, but then need to again and you re-register) you will get the same UTR again. There is no such thing as a business UTR issued to an individual. It’s just a UTR and covers all taxable income.

A limited company can have a UTR, but that’s triggered by the company being set up at Companies House, so you can’t accidentally register for a company UTR.

… You can, however, have lots of Government Gateway IDs/accounts. And some you can do personal tax returns through and some you can’t.

My personal tax account won’t let me do self assessment returns through it - it tells me I have another account set up for that. Well, if I have, I have no idea of the ID!

Luckily, I file from software as an agent, not from my tax account on the HMRC website!

If the property is owned personally (ie not through a company) there are additional pages on a standard tax return to cover rental properties. You need to complete these. If you are already on PAYE you will already have a UTR but you probably don’t normally need to do a tax return. You will now need to declare your income and expenses on an annual tax return and also put in your PAYE income and any other income. You get the figures for your PAYE from your P60, which your employer gives you once a year. There is guidance on filling in the property pages on the tax return. I did it for many years myself and now use an accountant. You need to go through your records of income and expenses and fill in the correct boxes. Not sure exactly how it works with interest, hopefully the tax form explains but for us the accountant now does it. The rest of it is just totting up various categories of expenses and the annual rent


I like you am employed by a company but have a rental property and I’ve been doing my own self assessment online for a few years. I didn’t know my utr before doing the rental income return.

My advice is to call the hmrc self assessment line, they cleared a lot of things up for me in the beginning and were really helpful. Once you’ve logged on once you’ll get it. The business account doesn’t sound right so give them a call.

Also I keep a google doc updated throughout the year with spends, insurance, mortgage, required checks etc so it’s not such a ball ache come year end.

When you do your return you’ll want your p60 and p11d handy

Good luck

My daughter had exactly this issue when setting herself up to declare rental income for last year. Her situation is identical - paid employee paying tax via PAY but needing to declare rent via SA. A long phone call to HMRC sorted it out.