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How to find DSS tenants claiming Universal Credit


Before the pandemic it seemed fairly simple to get hold of tenants claiming Universal Credit/Housing Benefit. However, up till recently it seems impossible to find such tenants. We have a property located in Hammersmith which is vacant and ready to go but cannot find tenants as easy as we used to via local authority or homeless charities. Any other ways we can find DSS tenants actively seeking long term accommodation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi I’m on DSS actively seeking a 2 bedroom flat and I know a load of people who are. I don’t know where you operate but if you do Stockport or know of anybody doing Stockport or specifically hazel grove I would be most grateful if you could let me know I know housing associations desperately want DSS landlords to advertise on whatever area of homechoice and Rightmove and three-sixty living too if this is any help. I have been trying to find a landlord for nearly a year who will accept DSS in hazel grove Stockport but to no avail!!

Best wishes

Deb Taylor