How to get started?

I’m planning to rent out my property over the summer but don’t really know where to begin!

Any advice for someone just starting out?? It all seems so complicated!

Thanks so much!

Hi Lollypops! Good luck with your property this summer.

I’ll let some of our experienced landlords jump in and offer some sage wisdom, but in the meantime, you can check out out new landlord checklist. It’s the perfect starting guide for beginners!

(We all have to start somewhere :wink: )

Thanks very much Sam! I added my property earlier so hope for the best :blush:

Any other advice much appreciated?

Hi Lollipops,

My advise to you is to check out landlord law, it’s a free to use advise service that should give you the confidence you need. These days there is so much compliance you need to be aware of, if you get things wrong it can end up costing more than you make.

Did you know for instance that you by law have to both check that your tenants have the right to rent, but also that you can prove you have done this. I hope I don’t put either you or anyone else off talking like this because if you get things right you can make money, you just need to be aware of the pitfalls.