How to handle a difficult neighbour

Hi all. Would appreciate your thoughts on the below.

I own a flat on the 6th floor in a block of flats. The flat has a water tank and water pump installed to provide water to the property. The pump has been installed for over 10 years but I’ve recently received a complaint from the neighbour about the noise the pump makes when turned on. The pump turns on every time the toilet is flushed or shower used and the neighbour says they were woken up the other night (guessing when they toilet was flushed). The pump is one of the quietest on the market but does turn on for approx. 10 seconds when the toilet is flushed. The pump and system is working as it should but does make noise in this way. My tenants are great and I doubt very much that they would be using the water late at night, it just seems like there are rare occasions that the neighbour is getting disturbed late at night.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how best to handle the situation?

Can you soundproof the pump?

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Great idea thanks Colin

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it could even be the pipes vibrate a bit when the pump is on . Make sure the pump is on a soundproof mat as well

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why does a toilet need a water pump? is there a problem with the overall water pressure of the supply to the building? if so that should normally be dealt with centrally in the block of flats but not in each individual flat.

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It’s a good question and one I’m checking with the council who manage the block.

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it may be a shower pump that forces the water as a power shower . Thus not every flat will have one

caroline is it for the toilet or the shower? would be unusual for a toilet to need help filling.

It may be a macerating toilet.

Can’t you just ask them not to flush until the morning unless its essential?

Hi all. I did reply yesterday but the post is being moderated due to me including a link to the pump specification. The original post may appear later in the meantime….

The pump model is a Salamander RP80SU. No macerator. It boosts the water pressure to the whole house inc. bathroom and kitchen. It’s a gravity system with a water tank above the pump which feeds the pump.

check with the maker that it is ok to insulate it

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The toilet doesnt need the pump to flush, but it sounds as though after flushing the pump kicks in to refill the cistern. This shouldnt be necessary though as there is usually no problem with it filling more slowly. It sounds to me like an ill considered quirk of the plumbing.

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one simple and cheap option is you can buy a timer switch and put it on the plug’s pump so that the pump can never switch on during night hours. they can still flush the toilet, use the water, but the pressure won’t be boosted by the pump.


Thanks all. Will explore the timer switch and sound insulation in the immediate term (and may suggest a noise machine to the neighbour in the meantime!).

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The pump is a Salamander RP80SU pump used to increase water pressure to the whole property. Specifications can be seen here if useful:

You can buy a sound deadening mat for the shower pump from Screwfix, this could help. Good :crossed_fingers:

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I place all my pumps on a min of 50mm of foam to dull the noise and take vibration from the floor which can resonate to other apartments.

If you decide to also insulate, remember to vent otherwise it could over heat and catch fire.

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