How to receive the holding deposit?

I’m a landlord who has successfully found a tenant here and then signed an agreement outside of Openrent. How do I receive the holding deposit? There is no information on this page below other than ‘If you want to accept the holding deposit, you can either choose to move straight to drafting the contract or you can run reference checks on tenants first’. I ran the background checks and the holding deposit has not been paid, nor is there any option to get it paid that I can find. It’s my first time using Openrent and it feels purposely and obstructively hidden, absent and missing:

You need a holding deposit agreement and you need to follow the Tenant Fees Act rules on holding deposits. If you are not using an agent then I strongly suggest you join the NRLA or other landlords support body and do some training. They also have the documents you need.

Did you take the holding deposit through open rent , and then set up the tenancy outside of Open rent?

Yes. I have had a response from OR and had to refund it and then get it paid into my bank account and register it with mydeposits. It seems that you have to follow the pathway and not deviate from it here by opting in or out of things you would prefer to handle yourself.

Glad that you managed to resolve the issue.

You don’t need to register a holding deposit with mydeposits, only the security deposit. You are in danger of making some expensive mistakes as you don’t seem to know what you’re doing.

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