How to understand utility mapping of your flat?


Could I ask for old flats or ex-council flat. is there any way to get some sort of mapping of your flat for pipes and wires? some flats has weird shapes and you see pipe and wires going here and there.

So if I get a plumber or electrician to map them out for me is it just a casual 1 hour job straight forward for them or is it some sort of special service that cost a bit and had to be formal?

The point is to get myself a map so i can start thinking what to do and how to do if i have to remodel the flat.

Any suggestion helps!


not a chance that you will find a layout Map

I suppose it depends on how old the building is and how complicated your flat layout is? It could be simple guess work by an electrician or plumber. If it’s ex-council, have you asked the council for any information they have kept from the construction? Or you can try the developer if you know who built it. Otherwise there are surveyors that do this but this can be costly. For example, in an old structure in London that we want to redevelop, we were quoted between £750-1500 for a utilities service, depending on complexity and level of detail required (ours is complex, and we needed elec & gas infrastructure, drainage and water, telecoms, highway extent mapping, rights of way etc) which I’m guessing is more than what you need.

its not that hard to do yourself with a £10 voltage indicator to trace the wiring, pipes normally obvious

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well the thing is, how obvious is it if it is behind the wall? does it go over the door or does it go under the floor or diagonally, hard to say right?

with cen htng start from cold, turn boiler on FLOW will warm up RETURN will be cold follow the heat if pipe is above floor, easy. follow the heat best as poss back to the boiler

there is a gadjet for electrics that will detect live wires in plaster

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just buy a voltage indicator on amazon, Labgear makes them, it can penetrate the plaster and identify the wires and you can just draw in pencil on the walls

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