How to find a reliable Plumber, Electrician and Tradesmen

Hi All,

People around me had experiences where they’ve been ripped off or overpaid for plumbing, electrician and renovation etc.

Could I ask if there is any to do list when choosing them? Thanks!.


ask another Landlord . Or if you see a lettered van outside a property ask the householder. Take no notice of all the builders with logos of bodies they belong to , it means nothing. I have been a builder for 50 years , never out of work , never joined a proffesional body, never advertised, I also have an insulation business and deliver insulation to many builders. some with lovely websites are the worst builders…!!

I’m in Derby and use Derbyshire County Council’s trusted trader register. It’s run by the council and traders are on the through merit not because they’ve paid to be on there.

Not had a bad experience yet through them.

Worth looking to see if your local council has a scheme.

Not to be confused with the like of Trust A Trader which is effectively a paid advertising portal.

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True, that is why I am asking this in this category of Landlord discussion. :P.

If you meant lettered van as in asking the owner of the property that is currently under renovation, i’d thought it would be hard to get any info as if it is under any work probably the owner won’t be staying there.

Owners are having masses of work done at the moment in the houses they are living in as they have an excess of cash