HSE Gas Safe Prosecution


I am looking for some advice please as I’ve found myself in a very worrying situation.

I have some tenants that are well over 6 months in arrears. They aren’t very nice people as you can imagine.

I have a possessions ordered due to take place on 6/10/20. My problem is that I don’t have a Gas Safe Certificate for the house. It’s just been overlooked. They have lived there for two and a half years without one in place.

The tenants are aware and have reported me to HSE. Today I received a letter from them asking me for proof of the Gas Safety Certificate which of course I don’t have. It says on the letter that I could be heavily fined or sentenced to jail. Google suggests the average fine is £6,000.

I feel a fool for not being more organised and I’m very worried at the outcome of any possible court hearing.

I understand it’s my fault but the fact that these people have pretty much stolen over £7,000 from me and now they are doing this make me angry and sad.

As I understand, no Gas Safety will not invalidated the Section 8 I served, is that correct?

I have tried to have one done this week but they say they are self isolating. I have proof that they are denying me access but that won’t cover the pervious two year.

Has anyone gone through a similar situation? Any knowledge or advice good or bad would be really appreciated.


Hi Salam 1

Welcome to the community.

It would appear that you are in a difficult position.

All I can suggest is keeping a record of all attempts of the gas engineer to gain access. You will also need to know the dates of self isolation and when it is likely to end.
Good luck

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As I understand it lack of a gas certificate does not invalidate a Section 8 - only a Section 21.

I don’t know what happens if they take you to court though.

I would be telling the HSE that the tenants wont let a gas engineer in

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