I am ordering referecning and contract is on two people names. Should I split the amount?

We agreed the tenancy contract to run on two people’s names. I am ordering referencing, should I split the amount?

Rent amount is £2000, should I split the referencing for £1000 each ?

The referencing company will do that anyway. The assumption is usually that all tenants pay an equal share.

Its very confusing. Not sure if the referencing company is doing that as they rejected one of the application. It would have been really nice if I can speak to someone in OpenRent

Openrent are not carrying out the referencing so they won’t be able to comment on why the application was rejected. Your best option is to either contact the referencing company directly, or to review the report you have received from them as that will usually show you the reason why the applicant has failed. A rejected reference report does not necessarily mean you cannot proceed with the tenant, but is of course more of a risk.

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May I know the contact details for the referencing company please.
Its not so easily available

Assuming you ordered referencing through Openrent, you should have received the referencing reports per applicant, which states which referencing company performed the checks. Their contact details should be in the reports.

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