I can’t get my refund back after 10 working days

I have not gotten back my refund after waiting for 10 working days and the landlord refused my application

Hi @Halimat1 -

I can see you made a payment on the 22nd May at 8:58pm. This was refunded at 9:47pm. As per our email to you, this payment likely went through as a “reversal”:

In the case of a reversal your customer won’t see a refund credit on their statement – they’ll just see the original authorisation drop off their statement entirely after a few days. There will be no payment, and no refund. It’ll appear as if the whole transaction never happened. Their bank should be able to confirm this for them. Depending on your customer’s card issuer, the original charge should have disappeared from their pending charges by 29 May 2023.

We appreciate this can be confusing, but whether a payment is refunded or reversed is a decision made by your bank and outside of our control. More details are in the refund email you received.


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