Refund not received still from 2 months

I have paid holding deposit for the property but the landlord has been cancelled my holding deposit and he refunded my amount but it still received my amount to my account from 2months I am waiting for it

Hi @Jarupula -

Can you see the original payment on your statement / in your bank account? If not, the the refund will have gone through as what is called as a “reversal”. So you won’t see the payment coming out, or going back in.

It’s frustrating that banks do this, but sadly it’s out of our control whether they refund you with a credit or by “reversing” the original payment. It’s up to the bank.

In any case - I can see your payment was made on the 18th January at 2:14pm, and refunded by us on the 18th January at 2:31pm. There was no delay on our side. I can see we also emailed you to say:

“As this refund was issued soon after your payment was made, the bank may reverse the payment. This means the original payment will simply disappear from your statement and the funds will be returned, so there will be no debit or credit visible on your statement.”

We have also sent this to you via email several times in the last few months every time you asked us.

If there is anything that still isn’t clear, or if you can see the outgoing payment on your side, then contact our support team and we can help provide you with a tracing number that you can give to the bank.


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